Sanford Freedman


Major Qualifying Project: Evolving NPC

Adviser: Prof. Lee A. Becker
Dates: August 2002 - December 2002
Grade: A
Credits: 9 credit hours

Created a means of expressing complex and intelligent behaviors in a manner that would require minimal computation while being amenable to machine learning. During the course of the project, a behavioral representation, called Behavioral Curve Summation, was produced along with a preliminary evolution algorithm. Results from this project are able to reproduce highly intelligent behavior and reduce artificial intelligence design time.

Major Qualifying Project: Synchronized Audio Sample Looper

Adviser: Prof. William R. Michalson
Dates: September 2001 - May 2002
Grade: A
Credits: 9 credit hours

Developed a device that alleviates playback tempo problems that occur when digital samples are used during live musical performances. Three new algorithms were created, Beat Detection, Time Stretching, and Note Detection. Utilizing these new algorithms, a device was constructed that adjusts playback of digital samples to match the tempo of a monitored drummer.

Interactive Qualifying Project: Efficiency and Effectiveness of ThaiWheel Wheelchairs

Adviser: Prof. Chrysanthe Demetry
Dates: January 2001 - March 2001
Grade: A
Credits: 9 credit hours

Developed a resource packet to help facilitate improvements in the ThaiWheel organization. The packet included consumer input, information for future opportunities, and a program to calculate total wheelchair costs when making or buying parts. Methods included focus groups, obtaining government and manufacturing contacts, and writing a make-buy and total cost program. Recommendations were for future donation strategies, design alterations, and to make a large initial investment on domestic wheelchair brakes.

Sufficiency: USS Constitution: The Embodiment of American Military Thought

Adviser: Prof. Jed E. Watters
Dates: January 2000 - February 2000
Grade: A
Credits: 3 credit hours

While American Military Thought is very complex and multifaceted, the underlying concepts have remained the same throughout the existence of the country. This sufficiency shows that the USS Constitution is an able representative of almost the entirety of American Military Thought, even though the vessel was constructed in the early years of the country.